Daily Specials

Ferraro's Lunch Specials


Ferraro's Restaurant of Westfield (Dine in Only)
14 Elm St., Westfield  NJ
                              Saturday June 23st 2018                            

Oyster of the day                                                                         Soup Special

           Lucky Lime, MA                                                                         “Ribollita” Italian vegetable and  kale soup with croutons

$2.75/pc                                                                            $5.95

    Salad Special

Baby field greens tossed with red onions, grape tomatoes, crumbled blue cheese, grilled corn and sliced hanger steak in a red wine vinaigrette



Burger Special

Ground veal burger with caramelized red onions, gorgonzola cheese and sautéed king oyster mushrooms served on a brioche bun with sweet potato fries



Pasta Special

Homemade cavatelli pasta tossed with crumbled sausage, grape tomatoes, asparagus tips and wild mushrooms in a roasted garlic cream reduction  



Fish Special

Pan seared snapper over brown basmati rice topped with grilled pineapple, mango and avocado salsa




“BBQ cheese steak pizza” 12” personal pizza topped with thinly sliced Ribeye steak, peppers, onions, BBQ sauce, mozzarella and American cheese.



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